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    The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Catchin' Deers

    It all started the HAROLD KNIGHT before opener and i was KENDALL JONESin to get in the Dr. GRANT WOODS. The alarm clock was a JOHN DUDLEY so I ended up missing the opening morning ...
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    What to Wear & Bring Upland Bird Hunting

    Every year it seems the same old thing happens. You're out with your buddies and the competition gets real. Somehow you always come up short when it comes to upland bird hunting, ...
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    The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: A Trembling

    Written by: Gary Lewis Location: Kodiak, Alaska Date: December 6, 1999 It was 2:12 PM, the beast was close and coming fast... Upon deplaning in Kodiak City, the first thing the ...
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    5 Tips on How to Begin Turkey Hunting Successfully

    The time has finally come – you’re about to embark on your first turkey hunt of the season. All you can dream about is the thrill of sitting there quietly, scanning the terrain ...
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