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      Best Time to Hunt Deer: A Reason for the Season

      by ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      There was a time in history that we hunted to survive. Hunting whitetail deer provided meat for our family. Back then the animal population was much bigger everywhere across the land. The skills of hunting were passed down from fathers to sons over generations to ensure the survival of their families.

      The times have changed.

      It wasn’t that long ago that hunting became a favorite pastime. A sport, if you will, because we no longer needed to hunt just for food. The expansion of civilization dwindled the wildlife population. Theodore Roosevelt changed the way Americans hunt because he wanted to preserve this great tradition for every generation. This is why he is known as the first conservationist. Many modern-day hunters also consider themselves conservationists because of their love for our wildlife and nature. Just as Roosevelt did.

      Teach The Children Well

      This song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash explained in their own way how we as adults should teach our children the skills we have learned. Hunting is no different. Dads and moms teaching sons and daughters, not only the skills of hunting but also the "why" we hunt at certain times of the year.

      The Reason For The Season

      Without rules and regulations, our wildlife would have disappeared long ago. Not only affecting our ability to hunt animals but also affecting the eco-system itself. This is why it’s so important that we regulate our hunting seasons for whitetail deer and other popular game.

      Every state has its own wildlife management branch because they are closer to the current conditions of the wildlife populations. This is how we can be sure that each state has wildlife for hunters and preserves the eco-system in the state. The national government can’t handle this task.

      The reason hunting season dates vary is simply to control the wildlife population. You’ve more than likely heard of “The Rut” or mating season. This is when the hunting season for those prized bucks is on. Calling these guys in becomes much easier then, increasing your chances of success.

      Moreover, overpopulation causes a great deal of stress for all animals due to a lack of available food. If overpopulation goes on too long entire species could experience a sudden and rapid decline. Underpopulation negatively effects the animal kingdom as well, including hunters.

      This is why the population must be controlled to ensure a balance between hunters needs and natural habitat for all wildlife in the state. Without the controls, hunting would become an activity of the past. No longer to be enjoyed families, no longer a valued tradition.

      Pass Along The Inspiration

      Undoubtedly, your kin will ask why you only hunt during a certain time of year. Be sure you explain that hunting whitetail deer or any animal for that matter isn’t just about “the kill”. There is a far bigger reason why we hunt and when.

      Next time you put on your boots and grab your backpack feel the deep sense of pride when your son or daughter has tagged their first whitetail knowing they have a deep understanding of when and why we hunt.

      Do you have everything you need for your upcoming whitetail deer hunt?


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      ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      ALPS OutdoorZ Team

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