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      Must-Have Gear for Early Goose Season

      Every fall, geese and other waterfowl follow their ancient migration paths — called flyways — south to reach their wintering destinations. Goose hunting season starts in October ...
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      How To Improve Your Deer Hunting Property

      Despite the abundance of public land in the United States (nearly a million square miles), hunters increasingly favor pursuing their quarry on private property. Its appeal is ...
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      Become a Hunting Mentor: Take the ALPS OutdoorZ Mentor Pledge

      In 1982, nearly 17 million hunters purchased 28.3 million licenses. Unfortunately, hunting had peaked. In 2016, only 11.5 million people hunted – a loss of 5.5 million hunters. ...
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      How to Live an Ethical Hunting Life: Josh Dahlke

      Josh Dahlke is the VP of Operations & Content with ScoutLook Weather, a mobile weather app for outdoor enthusiasts, and host of The Hunger, an online film series about the ...
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      Predator Hunting Gear List

      Any skilled hunter knows that regulating the animal population is an essential aspect to ensuring the balance of wildlife. Aside from deer and varmints, predators also require ...
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      The Current State of American Wild Turkey Conservation

      Prior to European colonization of the Americas, the wild turkey population in the United States was estimated to number at least 10 million birds. Once a primary source of food ...
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