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    Five Reasons to Love ALPS Commander X Extreme Pack

    For a few years I have been in the market for a hunting pack capable of long trips into the wild. But, like numerous types of hunting gear these days, the choices were somewhat ...
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    The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: In Pursuit of Kudu

    Brian swirled the ice cubes in the bottom of his glass. Lyn gazed up at the Southern Cross. Wighardt pushed wood into the fire. 
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    The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Go Paleo Now, Ask Me How

    Many years ago, practically no one in our family had a weight problem. That was because they lived on the frontier where all there was to eat was fish. My typical ancestor, from ...
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    Best Time to Hunt Deer: A Reason for the Season

    There was a time in history that we hunted to survive. Hunting whitetail deer provided meat for our family. Back then the animal population was much bigger everywhere across the ...
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    The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Catchin' Deers

    It all started the HAROLD KNIGHT before opener and i was KENDALL JONESin to get in the Dr. GRANT WOODS. The alarm clock was a JOHN DUDLEY so I ended up missing the opening morning ...
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    What to Wear & Bring Upland Bird Hunting

    Every year it seems the same old thing happens. You're out with your buddies and the competition gets real. Somehow you always come up short when it comes to upland bird hunting, ...
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