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      Sportswoman "Why I Hunt" Interview: Sarah Heidmann Brune

      by ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      It wasn't until after Sarah started working at ALPS over 12 years ago that she became intrigued by the hunting lifestyle.  Since going on her first turkey hunt soon after with her mentor Jason, Sarah was ready to learn as much as possible about hunting - and to pass her newfound passion to her two young daughters. 

      Read on to learn why Sarah hunts and why she's proud to be a sportswoman. 

      Why do you hunt?

      I love all things outdoors, so getting lost in the woods and exploring is a passion of mine. I didn't grow up hunting - we did a lot of fishing and played sports. As I got older I wondered if my animal lover ways would ever allow me to do the hunting myself. I enjoyed eating the meat from my family's harvests, and as I gained more knowledge of conservation and wildlife management it became clear it was something I wanted to try. So to answer why I hunt: conservation, wildlife management, experiencing the outdoors and providing food for my family.

      Video: Sarah's reflections on her first whitetail hunt. South Dakota, Fall 2018.

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      What challenges do you and other females face in what’s seen as a “man’s sport”?

      It doesn't matter if you're young, old, male or female. We appreciate all things outdoors equally, and we need to extend our hands to mentor and share the lifestyle we love without discrimination.

      Why are you proud to be a sportswoman?

      I am proud to be a respectful and appreciative hunter. I love the community that has mentored me and has helped me grow into the ethical hunter I am today. I'm also very proud to play a role in wildlife management - hunting is an important management tool to keep our wildlife population balanced as evenly as possible within their habitats.

      Do you have any advice you’d give to new woman or young girls entering the hunting community?

      Practice makes progress. The more we experience and explore our world the better it will be. Share your experiences.

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      ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      ALPS OutdoorZ Team

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