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      Spike Camp Essentials for Elk Hunting

      When I first heard the words "spike camp" as it related to elk hunting, I was suddenly envisioning a hunting camp solely for elk hunters who had drawn a "spike" tag. But after ...
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      How Big Game Hunting Contributes to Conservation

      In 2016 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) revealed - in a study conducted every five years - that 9.2 million people in the US took part in hunting big game, such as ...
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      The 6 Best States for Hunting Mule Deer

      Western big game hunters love their mule deer, and for good reason. This wily member of the Cervidae family is plentiful in many western states and larger than its whitetail ...
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      The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: A Childhood Dream Come True

      Our jet descended through the dense clouds, producing an incredible view of the mighty Mackenzie River as it boiled along the banks of Norman Wells, in the Northwest Territories. ...
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      The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: The Bringhurst Orchard Monster

      “There’s a Monster Right There Dad” were the words that came out of my 8-year-old daughter Taylor’s mouth as we sat in our double bull blind opening morning of the Utah ...
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      The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: In Pursuit of Kudu

      Brian swirled the ice cubes in the bottom of his glass. Lyn gazed up at the Southern Cross. Wighardt pushed wood into the fire.
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