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      The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Catchin' Deers

      by Bud Fisher
      It all started the HAROLD KNIGHT before opener and i was KENDALL JONESin to get in the Dr. GRANT WOODS. The alarm clock was a JOHN DUDLEY so I ended up missing the opening morning sit. I was right TIFF LAKOSKI'd, but there was nothing I could do at this point.

      So, I fired up the BEAR GRILLS and threw a few TRAVIS T-BONES on while I cracked a cold GREG MILLER lite. I threw my Realtree in the TROY LAUNDRY and NATE HOSIE'D off my boots, but before you knew it, it was time to LEVI MORGAN.
      I finally got to my stand on this TAYLOR DRURY day, and for the first little bit I had no action except an ADAM LAROCHE that climbed up my leg and almost bit my WILLIE ROBERTSON.

      There were a few CODY ROBBINS and one DEAN PARTRIDGE rustlin’ up the leaves. To be honest, life gets hectic, so I was just happy to be out there listening to the RANDY BIRDSONGS.

      I was BRITTNEY GLAZEin' with my binos and heard a CHRIS BRACKETT across the FIELD HUDNELL… Moments later I spotted a COLORADO BUCK headed my way! He was an absolute giant. I mean, I almost dropped a TED NUGENT in my CAM HANES.

      As he stepped into my CHRIS LANE I grunted and stopped him in his ADAM TREADWELLs. I took a deep breath, drew my BO JACKSON, and just MATT DUFFed him.

      He ran towards the JACKIE BUSHMAN but I couldn’t SHAWN LUCHTEL how bad he was hurt. I walked up saw some blood but I was EVA SHOCKEY’d that there wasn’t TONY VANDERMORE. I was nervous that this could turn into a BRUCE HORRELL story.

      I went with my gut and MICHAEL WADDELL’d across a still water pond that smelled a little JEFF DANKER. It was so big it felt like the BILL JORDAN River, but then again it was hard to see because there was a TERESA VAIL of fog. Sure enough, I SPOOK SPANN'D him behind a beaver KEVIN VANDAM and decided to MELISSA BACHMAN outta there. I don’t know, maybe I got ahead of myself picturing him on the DAN WALLACE, but to be LUKE FEHR, I thought I heard him crash.

      Right about that time the lad’s roll up and HANK PARKERed the truck. They were a little too CHIPPER JONES for my liking, so I told them to cool their jets and give it some time, so we headed back to the camp.

      If you’ve ever been there, you know the feeling. My nerves were on the GREG RITZ, so I poured myself a DAVID BLANTON’s on the rocks. I consider myself a good BRAD CHRISTIAN, so I didn't fall into the temptation to light up a CASEY KEEFER. To be honest kids, I've never touched the STAN POTTS, no matter how stressed I am.

      A few hours later we went back. Just when I lost hope, my buddy grabbed my arm gave me the Babe WINKELMAN, and I let out a huge Si ROBERTSON of relief and busted right into my big buck down BILL DANCE. I was so fired up I could have KANDI KISKI’D him.

      There was no ground shrinkage on this big lad, he was every bit of the giant I thought he was. It took 3 of us to get it in the back of the COLT FORD. Pulling out of that field and hitting the ERIC RHODES, it occurred to me that this might have been the best hunt I’d EDWIN EVERS been on.
      Watch Bud Fisher tell a hunting story below or for more, check out his YouTube channel

      About the Author:

      Bud Fisher is the co-founder of CATCHIN’ DEERS™️, a hunting lifestyle apparel brand committed to bringing people together by sharing the lighter side of hunting. He also hosts CATCHIN’ DEERS TV Presented by Realtree on Carbon TV. 

      Bud lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and young son, who’s first sentence was “you can’t eat the antlers”. Hard to argue with you there, kid. 

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