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      What to Wear & Bring Upland Bird Hunting

      by ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      Every year it seems the same old thing happens. You're out with your buddies and the competition gets real. Somehow you always come up short when it comes to upland bird hunting, and this year the stakes are high – the loser has to shave his head.

      You already know that if you’re not able to perform in the harsh conditions of upland bird hunting, you’re at a disadvantage right from the word “go”.

      Spare yourself the embarrassment this season and continue reading for some great tips on what to wear and bring upland bird hunting.

      Wear It Right

      Outdoorsmen, including those that enjoy upland bird hunting, tend to throw on clothes and head out the door. Believe it or not, there is a better way to dress and it’s called layering. And when you do it right, your clothes will work for you like the best-made shotgun on the market.

      Starting with the base layer, forget about your cotton undies and t-shirts. Cotton holds moisture and draws heat away from your body. Nothing worse than a shiver just as you pull the trigger. During hunting season, a good base is wearing full body underwear made from performance materials. Thin for warmer days and thicker for cooler days. You want wicking material that quickly draws moisture away from your body and fits snug. Synthetic and Merino Wool are two good materials for base layers.

      The mid layer depends on the weather and your activity as well.  If it’s going to be warm and sunny, you might want to leave out this layer and go with your outer layer. But if cool and wet weather is in the forecast, go with fleece, polyester, down and wool materials. The mid layer needs to be loose but not baggy because the moisture needs to transfer away from the base layer.

      Of course, the outer layer will consist of your waterproof, briar-proof upland camo with blaze orange game vest. And just in case, pack an extra set of clothes to leave in the vehicle.

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      Can’t Leave Home Without It

      We’ve put together a short list of items you should carry in your backpack or vest anytime you head out with your gun and dog.

      First Aid Kit

      Make sure you always have one for you and one for your dog. Gun dogs will experience injuries and it’s important you are prepared.

      Choke Wrench and Tubes

      When winning the competition matters, you’ll need to make adjustments on the fly.

      Space Blanket for Emergencies

      Make sure you check it for rips before heading out. Rips can develop quickly in the thin material just by moving around in your pack.

      Duct Tape

      Great for emergency repairs to gear, making dog boots, and bandaging wounds if necessary.


      Works great for broken boot laces, lashing together poles for an emergency shelter, or even a leash.

      Aluminum Foil

      It can be used to cook food, make a water bowl, build a fire on top of snow, or even used for a signal mirror.

      Water Bladder and Purification Method

      Tablets or a filter like Life Straw work great for you and your dog.

      Compass and Map

      Because your lady won’t always be around to ask for directions, the skills to use a compass and map effectively are essential.

      Fire Starters

      Bring two methods such as waterproof matches or flint and steel. If you can start a fire, you will stay warm and can eat well. Don’t take butane. Cold weather renders the butane worthless if it freezes.

      Alright, now you have a handful of tips for your next upland bird hunting trip. Before you head out, make sure to gear up with some ALPS OutdoorZ Upland Gear below. Happy hunting!


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      ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      ALPS OutdoorZ Team

      ALPS OutdoorZ is made of hard-working individuals that live the passion and lifestyle that encompasses our gear.

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